Know your rights when it comes to vehicle repair and maintenance.

Did you know?
You are not required to take your vehicle to the dealer in order to maintain your warranty. A warranty cannot require the use of a specific brand of replacement parts offered by your selling dealer. 

   No matter the brand of vehicle you drive - foreign or domestic - we can help protect you and your vehicle's warranty. By using quality auto parts and service, our skilled technicians can perform all of your vehicle's maintenance and repairs without voiding your warranty.

We have many styles and brands of tires available. High-speed balancing and computerized 4-wheel alignments also available.

$79.95           make your lights new again!

All of our technicians are ASE Master certified as well as advanced engine performance (L1) and undercar specialist (X1). We are also a Mass state certified emission repair facility.

Lights on? we can help

Waiting area with WI-FI, free coffee, cable T.V., and a kids play area.

Have an exotic euro or classic domestic? We have the experience to work on them all.


All fluids are not created equal!!!  We also stock oils meeting: MB 229.5, BMW longlife, VW 502.00/505.00, chrysler MS-6395, ford WSS-M2C945-A, GM 6094M. GM DEXOS. We stock many OEM and specialty fluids for all your vehicle needs

Here's what people are saying about us around the web!

Moe P says (by moep at Citysearch) Two words to describe Lapierre Auto is trustworthy and honest. I was introduced by a friend about two years ago when I got an outrageous quote to have work done on my car. He suggested I try Lapierre for a second opinion and that was the best thing I ever did. Two years later I am still going to Lapierre and I cannot say enough about how pleased I am. I am a female who drives about 100 miles per day-I need reliable transportation and can't afford to have my car tied up for long periods of time. I was ready to trade my car in when I first went to Lapierre and now I have to say its running better than it ever did. Besides being a great diagnostician, Chris is an honest businessman who treats his customers well. I would not go anywhere else as I have found a gem in Lapierre auto repair.           helpful (0) not helpful (0) comment share

Great Service (by SydKat at Citysearch) When the Chrysler dealership in Attleboro closed its doors, I was very pleased to learn that Lapierre's had a local certified Chrysler mechanic.

I have brought my car to Chris for the past few years and he's always been honest and gives a fair price for the work done. Although I haven't been the best to describe the issue, Chris takes it very serious to replicate and diagnose the problem and come up with a solution.

Recently I hit a pothole which caused damage to the front passenger side of the car. Explaining to Chris that it was necessary for me to have my car back the same day, he had his team diligently work to fix the car and have it to me the same day.          helpful (0) not helpful (0) comment share

Great Auto Shop (by SReen at Citysearch) I have been going to Chris Lapierre Auto shop since 2004. He is honest and does not try to make an extra buck on your cost. His work is really dependable.                                                                      helpful (0) not helpful (0) comment share

Best Auto Shop You Could Find! (by 86111 at Citysearch) WOMEN, PLEASE READ THIS REVIEW! I am a 63 year old single woman and have been doing business with Lapierre's Auto for 10 plus years now. Prior to finding Chris I went through many auto repair shops looking for a honest repairman. My job has me on the road alot and I need my car in good running condition. A friend recomended Chris and although I live I in R.I., I decieded to try him. I was taken back by his honesty and concern to service my car and make sure I was safe on the road. At times if I have a concern about a noise he will check on it and many times it had been nothing serious and he never has tried to take advantage of me. I needed a car several years ago and I had him check out several I thought I would buy and he advised me not to buy them because they needed too much work for the money asked.I finally found a good car and he recommended I buy it. I have now had this car 4 yrs. and never had any problems with it. Chris is extremly honest and always has been fair.(not to mention he is very polite) I have recommended Chris to several of my women friend's and they have always been pleased with his work. Do your self a favor and give him a try.                           helpful (0) not helpful (0) comment share

The search for an honest mechanic is over! (Anne Marie L.) Lapierre's Auto Repair Finally I have found an auto repair place with honest automotive technicians! As a car owner for over 25 years, I have been ripped off by numerous mechanics. At LaPierre's I always receive quality service at a reasonable price. I don't wait long for an appointment and repairs are completed quickly and efficiently. They have never tacked on additional costs and, rather than suggesting repairs that my vehicle doesn't need, they have more often told me that I don't need work done that I thought I needed! The car always runs smoothly when I leave and I have confidence in the repairs. I thank the LaPierres for finally giving me peace of mind when it comes to auto repairs. I won't go anywhere else!June 03, 2010

3/26/2012 Chris save me $918!!!!!! I drive an x5, I was taking it to the dealer for regular maintainance because I bought an extended warranty.  That being said my check engine light came on, the dealer told me it was the radiator leaking, which is covered under the warranty!  The dealer told me no, it's not covered because a rock flew up and smashed it! I was told it will cost me $968.00.  I have been letting this dealer talk me into many services, but not today!  I took my car to Lappierres and only told them that I believe my radiator is leaking.  Chris check it and confirm it was leaking, then I asked did it look like anything hit it? NO, it was leaking  because it was faulty, no sign of any dents or object! Chris recommended another BMW dealership, and guess what they also confirm it was a faulty radiator, not some rock bouncing up in a fist size hole! I only had to pay the dealer $50.00 because that's what  bought an extended warranty for!!!!  I've been taking my car Lappierre's for anything that's not covered.  Now my mom, co-workers and friends take their car there.

7/15/2011 First impressions make a big difference and I think they get that here. The place is very clean and the people behind the counter are very friendly. You feel a little better leaving your car here than you do at some places. They also have a candy dish on the counter. Not gonna lie, my love (and stars) can be bought with candy.

They explain why they do what they do to you car and if they're not sure what's causing the issue they don't just start fixing things, hoping for the best. I recently had a coolant leak problem that they thought might've been the water pump. Instead of just changing what might've been the issue they spent a few minutes to clean up the engine so that when I brought it in for a follow up they were able to see where the leak was coming from.

They also give you a print out of all the work they did with all the parts they used that tells you where all your money went.

There is one major issue with this place, however. The issue is big enough that it has recently driven me into the arms of another mechanic. They're only open from 8-5, Monday through Friday. They're closed on the weekends so it's inconvenient to find a time to bring in my vehicle. It's a great place, but I can't always find the time to bring my car in when I need it to get myself to work.